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Wolfpack Links Page

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Belegarth Links
Belegarth - Medieval Combat Society
Belegarth UBB- A place to chat and find out information from other members

Realm Map- courtesy of Hrdgrim

Arnor- St. Louis, Missouri
Cordova- Lawrence, Kansas
Dur-Demarion- Nashville, Tennessee
Dunharrow- Chicago, Illinois
Hasgoth- Charleston, Illinois
Kingdom of the Crimson Dawn- Kansas City, Missouri
Middle Earth- Danville, Illinois
Numenor- Champaign, Illinois
Warriors of the Dawn - Warrensburg, Missouri
Wildwood- Chicago, Illinois

Anfalas- Tampa Bay, Florida
Angaron- Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Aratari- Washington, DC Metro Area
Avalon- Akron, Ohio
Pentwyvern- Cleveland, Ohio
Khatovar- Alliance, Ohio
Northlands- Allendale, Michigan
The Southern Marches- Atlanta, Georgia

Highlands of Chaos - Pocatello, Idaho
The Watchmen of Ered Duath- Provo, Salt Lake City, and Logan, Utah

Gondor - Redmond, Washington

Other Fighting Organizations
The Historical Armed Combat Association
Michigan Medieval Battle Club
The Society for Creative Anachronism

Interesting And Useful Links
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Black Faerie(LRP)
Brettun's Village Leather
The Clans & Tartans of Scotland
Cloak & Dagger Armory(LRP)
The Costume Site
Kyl's Medieval & Fantasy Fonts
Kyl's Medieval & Fantasy Clipart
The LRP Index(LRP)
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Therion's Armor and Weapons Page