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Eastern U.S.

Aratari - Washington, DC Metro Area

Avalon - Akron, Ohio

Pentwyvern - Cleveland, Ohio

Khatovar - Alliance, Ohio

Northlands - Allendale, Michigan

Warriors of Ogmios - Tecumseh, Michigan

The Southern Marches - Atlanta, Georgia

Angaron - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Taurendor - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Anfalas - Tampa Bay, Florida

Mountains & West

Highlands of Chaos - Pocatello, Idaho

Talinor - Moscow, Idaho

The Watchmen of Ered Duath - Provo, Salt Lake City, and Logan, Utah

Nan Cartinco - Kearny, Arizona 

Warriors of the Rose - Phoenix, Arizona


Central U.S.

Middle Earth
- Danville, Illinois 

Dur-Demarion - Nashville, Tennessee

Dunharrow - Chicago, Illinois

Wildwood - Chicago, Illinois

Numenor - Champaign, Illinois

Hasgoth - Charleston, Illinois

Wolfpack of the High Plains - Bloomington-Normal, Illinois

Arnor - St. Louis, Missouri

Arcadia - Farmington, Missouri

Warriors of the Dawn - Warrensburg, Missouri

Chamonix - Grinnell, Iowa

Kingdom of the Crimson Dawn - Kansas City, Missouri

Cordova - Lawrence, Kansas


Pacific Coast

Aggelgorod - Los Angeles, California

House Cardolan Antelope Valley/High Desert, California

Gondor - Redmond, Washington

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New Chapter or Interested Party Contact Information

Starting a Realm - New York (Contact Kyrax

  Dominion of the Unconquered Sun - Raymore, MO (Contact Aster Dechristo)

Anvard - Northampton, Massachusetts

The Lowlands of Scotland, Scotland, Illinois (Contact Kyrik

Starting a Group/Unit: Youngstown, Ohio (Contact Piper)

Starting a Chapter - Bothell/Kenmore, Washington (Contact Belthasar)

Nan Belegorn - Cedar Falls-Waterloo, Iowa (Starting a new Chapter)

Longard - Apple Valley, Minnesota (Starting a new Chapter)

Boulder, Colorado  No organized Chapter as yet, but the Boulder area boasts an existing unit and a number of people interested in starting units (see below).  Also, there is a Dagorhir mailing list run for Colorado enthusiasts: To sign up, go to

   Starting a Chapter -Pueblo/Colorado Springs, Colorado

   Rohan- Salem, Oregon  (Harek Dreng, formerly Sir Turin of Ered Duath, is starting a new Chapter.) 

Forodwaith - Pitt Meadows, Southern British Columbia, Canada




Website Policies and Criteria

Dagorhir Unit web pages are also welcome and will be listed under your Chapter. We'll soon be adding a list of contacts who want to start building Dagorhir Chapters in new areas.  If you're interested in starting a new Dagorhir Chapter, please send your name, e-mail address, location, with a signed and notarized copy of the Dagorhir Chapter Contract and a self-addressed stamped envelope. Send to:

Dagorhir Battle Game Association, Inc.
c/o David Vierling
11714 Stonington Place
Silver Spring, MD, 20902

Please remember that running a Chapter entails being responsible to your membership, and ensuring their enjoyment of Dagorhir.  Remember too that no one owns a monopoly on Dagorhir in a given location.  Don't create a new Chapter for the wrong reasons. Please bear in mind that Dagorhir is a full contact sport.  Dagorhir Battle Game Association, its management and membership, accept no legal responsibility for any injuries incurred by participants. 

Policy Statement: If you submit a Chapter page, or list yourself as a point of contact for your Chapter, we expect your page to meet the following criteria.  

  • Your page must promote Dagorhir, making it very clear that you are a Dagorhir organization.  

  • Feature prominent links back to

  • Make certain that nothing on your page reflects poorly on Dagorhir or on Dagorhir members.  

  • Make sure that your page does not spread inaccurate information or misinformation.

In promoting you, we expect you to be promoting us.  If your page meets these qualifications, we will gladly link to you and welcome you into the rapidly growing Dagorhir community. 

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